Chelsea Goodrich

Mama to my little Nora, who is now two! Right after Nora was born, a very wise woman said to me, “the days are long but the years are short” and I carry that with me every day. I’m almost welling up with tears just thinking about how much time has already passed, which is why I try to spend as much time as I can with my little Nora B! Since Stroller Strides became my second home, I am excited to now be part of the Fit4Mom Thousand Oaks team. I knew well before I was even pregnant with Nora that I would join Stroller Strides because a good friend of mine had gone with her daughter. I would see their pictures and it seemed like so much fun for both of them. I’m so grateful now to have had my friend as a resource to connect me to Fit4Mom because, like so many new moms, I suffered from postpartum anxiety after having Nora. My anxiety peaked when my husband went back to work and I felt isolated and honestly so scared. I began stroller strides when Nora was 10 weeks old and I remember my first class so vividly--it was so difficult! I had been in grad school and worked full time as a special education teacher until I had Nora, and had not worked out consistently for two years. I loved the knowledge the instructors had for new moms and the modifications helped me to get back in shape and build my endurance. The workouts were great, but getting out and having a community of moms that were going through the same struggles was the part I needed the most. I have found my love for workouts. I get to be outside with my baby girl, and I get to ride this crazy roller coaster we call motherhood with some of the best friends I have ever made. I’d love to see you at a class some time!
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