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September #meetyourinstructors

Have you taken a class with Rachel Hundley yet? If not, then check the schedule and get your sweat on with this OG Stroller Strides instructor. Rachel is also certified in Stroller Barre and Body Back Transformation. Learn more about her here:

Tell us about who is in your family.

My husband Jake, our two kiddos Savannah (5) and Camden (almost 3) and our dog Penny

Current/previous career?

I was an event planner for UCLA before I had kids! Technically I guess you could count my little shop as my other current job too. Snuggle Up Buttercups is Etsy/online store for blankets and baby accessories and I’m working on an offshoot for girls dresses right now too.

What are you doing when you aren't FIT4MOM-ing?

Running around after my kids, sitting in the backyard watching them play nicely together (sometimes...), hanging out with our friends at the pool/beach/whatever or taking them for little adventures and sewing whenever I get an extra moment.

Favorite exercise?

Burpees! And I also love deadlifts and monkeys because they don’t feel like much when you’re doing them but you’re always sore after.

What are your three current obsessions?

I don't know if these are totally weird but they're the first things that came to my mind....

Body back (is that weird ;)?? taking body back classes legitmately makes me a happier person)

Target (it's literally the only place I shop)

Starbucks (past, present and future obsession)

What is your dream day?

With my kids or without lol?? I love a good spa day at the Four Seasons if I get a day off to relax. Laying by the pool is my favorite. With my kids, we love to go to Disneyland...I know it's cliche but it's so magical there. No one melts down or throws fits or anything...they get along and love on each other and just exude happiness and it's so fun to watch.

What does being a FIT4MOM instructor mean to you?

It means teaching mamas and their children about how fitness can be fun and an amazing part of their lives. Fit4Mom was one of the first things that I got connected with when I first became a mom and it changed my life. Not only do I live a healthier, more active lifestyle, but my kids like to exercise "like mommy" and even play a game out of it. Also, being a Body Back instructor is ridiculously inspiring...watching mamas push themselves to new levels and really work out of their comfort zone to see how strong they really are!

You can find Rachel teaching at Oakbrook Park in Thousand Oaks most Mondays and Starbucks ;)