November #meetyourinstructors

Ana Sanson has been with Fit4Mom Thousand Oaks since the beginning! I like to describe Ana's classes as a big serving of booty kicking with a side of warm hug 😂 Ana has a way of making you feel like you CAN do anything! She is one of the most approachable Mamas I know and we are so grateful to have her on our team! Not only does Ana teach Stroller Strides and Body Back but she also handles ALL of our social media! All those pretty pictures you see on Instagram and Facebook...yeah that's Ana!

Tell us about who is in your family.

I am married to my amazing hubby Brett, and am mama to our two boys Jax and Merrick.

Current/previous career?

I managed a sushi restaurant, and I oversaw a private equity portfolio for a commercial real estate firm.

What are you doing when you aren't FIT4MOM-ing?

Building up my new life coaching business! And planning a retreat for mamas! :)

2nd to that would be traveling! I Love to travel! Especially if it involves surfing, yoga, good food and wine

Favorite exercise?

Type of exercise: - Stroller Strides and Body Back got me in the best shape of my life and made me some of my best friends. So those two are my favorite ways to work out. Community, hard work, good vibes, and lots of laughs wins every time!

Favorite move- mountain climbers.. or anything triceps.. or lunges... I can't decide i love them all!!!

What are your three current obsessions?

Golden (Turmeric) Lattes are sooo delicious!

Hikes! We are getting into some perfect hiking weather and being out in nature is so rejuvenating. Who wants to go on the next one?

Anything from The Little Market. They are a fair trade nonprofit that ethically sources beautiful goods from female artisans around the world. Women helping to empower women is my jam.

Can I have a 4th? Because - .. Siete Lime Tortilla Chips - grain free.. so guilt free... right? Need I say more? ;)

What is your dream day?

"Start the Day with Meditation and surf, have an amazing morning working because I love what I do, spend the afternoon with my kids at the beach, end with a yummy dinner and wine surrounded by family and good friends. - wait... I should've started..the laundry is magically ALL done AND put away... the end. HAHAH :)"

What does being a FIT4MOM instructor mean to you?

It means... helping empower mamas to live a healthier, happier life. Helping to show them what they are truly capable of, and to show them what a real community of support looks like and FEELS like. It means I care about my mamas and want them to feel supported, and strong as a mother, and inspired to be the best they can be for their kids. And that they are not alone in this amazing, often crazy, but wonderful journey of motherhood.