November 9, 2019 6pm

Meet Rachel Shimanovsky!

Rachel is Mama to 2 year old Shiloh and wife to Jessi, She joined Fit4Mom a little over one year ago. You can catch her at Stroller Strides most weeks. She is the one with the BIG smile on her face even when she is pushed out of her comfort zone! We love having Rachel in our Village, she is such a bright light and it is contagious!

Hometown: I was born in Los Angeles, but moved around a lot growing up. The longest I've lived somewhere was in Valencia when I was a teenager.

Tell us about your family: I am married to my wife Jessi and we have a beautiful 2 year old daughter named Shiloh. Jessi and I have been together since 2011, and I am constantly reminded how grateful I am to not only be married to her, but parent with her as well. She's my best friend in life and we have the best time!

I have two parents, Sam and Rose, and a younger brother named Josh. Our family owns an essential oil business, so that has been awesome to be able to work for my family all of these years. My dad is from Russia, and came here when he was 13 with just 1 suitcase. His stories always remind me how grateful I need to be for everything I have in my life. He is also a twin! My mom is the youngest of 4 children, and is my best friend. My brother is super goofy, which is great because so am I. Basically, our family hang outs are just one big laughing session. If you need to find us, just follow the sound of laughter and Star Trek / Stargate / Seinfeld references.

Current/Previous Career: I just started my own photography business (yay!) called Proud Owl Photography. I also do Marketing for our family company called Organic Infusions (selling essential oils, diffusers, etc.)

What was your childhood ambition? My childhood ambition was to be the best female basketball player! I started playing when I was 7 and never looked back!

What is the furthest you have been away from home? I went to Scotland about 6 years ago, so that counts right?!

How did you find Fit4Mom? So random, but about 10 years ago I started nannying for a Fit4Mom (used to just be Stroller Strides) coach in Simi Valley. I would even accompany her to classes and do them for free while she coached. I knew right away when I got pregnant that I would join Fit4mom because I saw how much fun the moms were having, how the kids developed these amazing friendships, and I wanted that for me and my daughter :)

How has Fit4Mom impacted your life? OMG so many ways!! 1) Definitely got me back into shape after having my daughter 2) The coaches are A M A Z I N G, I have honestly never met more genuine, kind people in my life. They truly want you to succeed, while having a good time. Couldn't ask for anything more! 3) A network of moms who support me no matter what, and I know these connections will last forever. 4) The friendships my daughter has made in these classes, have grown to outside these classes as well with play dates. Also, she is a huge fan of these park workouts because she knows we get to play afterwards and hang out with our friends :)

Basically, Fit4Mom was perfect for me as a 1st time new mom because it got me out of the house, kicked my butt into gear, gave me this amazing friendships, and reminded me that I'm not alone in this journey called motherhood.

What's your favorite exercise? I loved when we played duck duck goose when Annie was coaching, and we all had to do planks balancing cups of cold water on our backs. The person who was picked had to chase the other person and had cold water poured on their back. That was definitely the hardest I've laughed during a workout. Who says you can't have fun while working out?!

What's your proudest moment? My proudest moment is by far seeing my daughter grow and discover the world. Every new milestone that she hits I'm more proud than the last one. Most recently, she has really become really into imaginative play, and I could literally sit there and watch her for hours. She's my joy in this world and I couldn't be more proud of her.

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us. Our wedding was Star Trek theme, and we actually entered our reception with the theme song from Star Trek The Next Generation. We actually got featured on the Star Trek official website! #Engage