Meet Hilary Wolcott!

Hilary is super Mom to 4 adorable little girl (she has twins!). She joined Fit4Mom in 2017 and has been apart of Stroller Strides and Body Back. Hilary is an ALL IN kinda gal; works hard, moms hard and makes everyone feel welcomed. We are so grateful to have Hilary as a constant in our Village! Hilary's commitment to self-care is truly motivating.

Hometown: Westlake Village, CA

Tell us about your family: Ryan and I met in college and got married after several years of dating. We've now been married 9 years and have four adorable and rambunctious little girls. Cassidy is 6, Aubrey is 4.5 and twins Laurel and Brynn are almost 2. We also have an 8 year old chocolate lab named Cooper.

Current/Previous Career: I was an elementary school teacher for 10 years in LAUSD then taught middle school for 4 years in LVUSD. I'm currently a stay at home but in the process of applying for out of classroom positions.

What was your childhood ambition? I wanted to be a teacher. I loved playing school and liked to be in charge.

What is the furthest you have been away from home? I traveled a lot before kids. I think the furthest was a trip to Japan with my dad when I was in high school.

How did you find Fit4Mom? My sister-in-law was a member and raved about the workouts and sense of family. I knew I needed to try it out! I finally came to a class when I was on maternity leave with the twins and was instantly hooked.

How has Fit4Mom impacted your life? Besides the obvious health benefits, the focus on the overall well being of mama has had the greatest impact on me. I never considered myself one to meditate, but the meditation at the end of a Body Back workout really helped me refocus and get rid of some of the mom guilt.

What's your favorite exercise? Squats and planks

What's your proudest moment? I'm proud of my girls anytime they are kind to each other or show compassion and empathy for someone without prompting.

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us. Anytime I swim in deep ocean water the theme song to Jaws instantly starts playing in my mind. Every. Single. Time.