Meet Carrie Dockery!

Carrie is Mama to sweet baby girl Finley and wifey to Chad. She joined F4M in March of 2019. Carrie started with Stroller Strides and recently leveled up with our 4 week Body Back session. Carrie always has a smile on her face and is so fun to have in class! She brings a positive energy to every class she takes and it's contagious! We are so grateful to have Carrie in our Village.

Hometown: born in Nashville, raised in Cincinnati, now living here in SoCal.

Tell us about your family: married to my amazing husband Chad and we have one daughter, Finley, who’s 21 months old.

Current/Previous Career: I was a trend forecaster for Guess prior to being a mom. Now I work from home part time to be with our daughter and I’m the social media manager for a friends law firm.

What was your childhood ambition? : I’ve always wanted to be a mom! I love playing with my baby dolls, American girl dolls, and babies.

What is the furthest you have been away from home? : Mexico is the farthest I’ve been. I’m terrified of flying but hope to make it to Greece one day!

How did you find Fit4Mom? : my sister-in-law originally told me about it and then my friend wanted me to join with her.

How has Fit4Mom impacted your life? : I’ve made so many amazing friends through it + I’m working out more than I ever have in my life and am having fun while doing it.

What's your favorite exercise? : squats!

What's your proudest moment? : definitely giving birth to my daughter, #1 moment of my life.

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us. : I’m an IVF baby + was the first IVF baby born at my hospital in Nashville.