Gina Meyer of Rise Pacific Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine

Strong Mommas, it’s time to Rise! Gina Meyer, DPT (a Doctor of Physical Therapy at Rise Pacific Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine) wants to help you beat your pain/symptoms and strengthen your body so that you can continue to enjoy being active and loving life and motherhood. Gina has extensive background treating all types of pre and post-natal musculoskeletal impairments and has been successfully helping moms through specialized physical therapy for over 15 years. She also has four children of her own, so she has a first-hand understanding of pregnancy and motherhood. Join us for her first session, “Treating Diastasis rectus abdominis: overcoming discomfort, weakness, and changes to postural control through postural training, stretching, bracing, and education.” Rise Pacific Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine is conveniently located in Thousand Oaks at 195 E Hillcrest Dr. #114 (just south of The Oaks) and offers free pain/injury screenings and highly specialized manual therapy and sports medicine.