In-Person Classes

Where will these classes take place?
All classes will take place at Oakbrook Park 2787 Erbes Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362 and Conejo Creek North Park 1379 E Janss Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362
What is the maximum number of people in class?
Classes will max out at 15 mamas. Children in strollers will not be included in the head count. All clients must RSVP to attend class.
How will I know when and where classes are meeting?
All classes will be available on Pike13. You will need to log in and RSVP for the class you would like to attend. All classes require you to RSVP as we will have an attendance cap with a waitlist.
How will you ensure we are 6ft apart during class?
Each instructor will mark out specific spots for each mama to stand. There is also a form/waiver all moms will be required to fill out prior to attending any in person class, agreeing to abide by these standards.
Will there be bathrooms on location?
What if it's bad weather?
Class will be cancelled in the event of bad weather. You will be able to attend the virtual class offering for that day. In the case of a class canceled by FIT4MOM Thousand Oaks you will not incur a fee and will not forfeit a class credit.
What kind of equipment will we use?
Classes may include the use of a mat and resistance band. Nothing will be shared or lent. Resistance bands are available for purchase. Please contact to purchase any equipment.
How do I RSVP for Class?
You log into your Pike13 account or download the app on your phone. Choose your class and click enroll. It's that easy!
What if I am on the waitlist for class?
You were not able to RSVP before the class filled up, you will have the option to choose the waitlist. If one of the other clients cancels their RSVP, you will be moved into the class based on the order of the waitlist. You will receive notification based on how you set your alerts on your Pike13 app.
What happens if I RSVP but do not show up?
Due to limitations in class size we ask that you are mindful of the spot you are taking in class. If you are enrolled in class and find yourself unable to attend you MUST cancel your enrollment in class A MINIMUM OF 1 HOUR PRIOR TO CLASS TIME FOR STROLLER STRIDES and 8PM THE NIGHT PRIOR FOR BODY BACK. This time frame will afford a mom on the waitlist enough time to prepare and attend class. Failure to cancel your enrollment in class will result in a fee of $10 for unlimited clients and the loss of a class pass for pass holders.
When will I incur a late cancellation fee?
If you are enrolled in class and do not cancel your enrollment a minimum of one hour before class start time, you will incur a late cancellation fee of $10. Similarly, if you do not cancel your enrollment in class at all, and do not show up to class, you will incur the same fee. Ten class pass members will forfeit a class credit for the spot your enrollment took up in class.
What if I already have a class pass?
If you have already purchased a 10 Class Pass, you can continue using your current pass to attend in person classes.
Can I just pay to drop in to class?
Yes. You can also pay the drop in fee of $25 for Stroller Strides and $30 for Body Back. All class enrollment rules still apply.
What if my membership is on hold?
If you put your membership on hold during quarantine, you will be given the opportunity to choose one of our plans and begin rejoining classes or you can pay a drop in fee of $18 for Stroller Strides and $25 for Body Back. You will be contacted on an individual basis to discuss options.
What happens if I do not RSVP for class and just show up?
Because we can only have a maximum of 15 in a class, we may not be able to accommodate you. Please RSVP on our Pike13 app.
Is this the plan moving forward?
Our class schedule/sizes are currently in place for July 2020. We are making decisions on a month to month basis. Ultimately the goal is to return to our full class schedule and offerings. However, we need to follow all government guidelines and protect the health and safety of all our mamas and babes.
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